After 8 years of marriage...


The real househusbands of wherever

I'm getting really tired of the ridicule of women. Newsflash: Equality, ever heard of that? TV-show after TV-show of women shown off as helpless little creatures who won't do anything but argue with their daughter whether or not she can have a boob-job or compete with her "friends" in being the last one to say something nasty behind their skinny backs. And the worst part is that it's probably women doing the ridiculing. I mean watching the crap. Well, times will change. It is time for the tables to turn. More like WAY past time. That's why I applaud the launch of: "The Real Househusbands of Hollywood".

Let the ridicule begin.


Pretty sure it can't be both...

Since when is the US part of the EU? :)